Sick, sad world

Abbey and I talked about her tattoo of Daria, we talked about Satanism, Paganism and Scooby Doo. I don’t know too ┬ámuch about the dark lord of the underworld, but I was familiar with Daria. “I fucking hate it when people think it’s the girl from Scooby Doo.” “Veronica? Betty?” Trying to remember Satan’s nickname…. […]

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Other times clouds may appear

“You know its going to be raining?”I quipped. “Awesome” she replied. Genuinely. It rained all day. It rained the day before. I expected a cancellation message. It didn’t come. I looked for plastic bags to wrap my camera in. I found 3. I probably needed 4. I turned up at the meeting and Taliah bounded […]

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