The Animal Mask Series

  This became a photographic concept about people, humans, men,women….us as people. Underneath the masks we hide our real selves….Aren’t we just animals? When you strip off the clothes and we are laid bare, are we scared and timid, or are we fierce? What kind of animal are you when you look at yourself? Thankyou to all the […]

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The streets of Saigon

In no shape or form am I a “Street Photographer”. The Nikon V1 isn’t really a serious camera either, so we are a pretty good match. These shots were taken in Saigon, Vietnam in late 2013. Previously displayed on an old defunct blog, but I didn’t mind them so I’ve rehashed them here.  

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Out of My Shadows

So Victoria has Crohns Disease. Actually….. When you meet Victoria its more like she has Crohns tagging along to just keep life a bit more interesting. An unwanted challenge that she has accepted and is smashing its arse. Giving it faint hope….but laughing in it’s face. She laughs a lot. Six feet tall….if I was […]

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