Where the wild things are…

The first thing you notice about Peat Island is the complete lack of graffiti. The occasional scratching by a past resident. Not graffiti, more an expression of their lives here. Every building is nailed shut. Like a coffin. Exactly like a coffin. All dead for over 6 years when the last resident of this island/asylum left […]

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Thorn Street Monsters

I had come across the “Odditorium” by accident. Researching some rental space in Newcastle, I had come across the Renew Newcastle initiative which gave life to the dying CBD of Newcastle. The project places small, fresh businesses into the vacant spaces with low rental agreements….revitalising the inner city until genuine, long term lease holders come along. I […]

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Out of My Shadows

So Victoria has Crohns Disease. Actually….. When you meet Victoria its more like she has Crohns tagging along to just keep life a bit more interesting. An unwanted challenge that she has accepted and is smashing its arse. Giving it faint hope….but laughing in it’s face. She laughs a lot. Six feet tall….if I was […]

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Creepers Everywhere

I met Tahlea at McDonalds….as I often meet models. Its safer for everyone these days. She had texted me 5 minutes earlier; “I’ll be sitting on the patio…So many creepers.” I can only assume she mean’t herself in her assessment as well….

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