Blue Haze

I make no secret I like shooting weird, non conventional films. Kodak Vericolor Slide Film is exactly one of those films. It was never meant to be shot how I shot it and that’s the challenge. Originally designed to make slides from negatives its a C41 processed slide film, so it is unique in that […]

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Caitlin – 35mm Film

Caitlin has previously shot with me, but this shoot was entirely on 35mm film. This shoot is more like 3 different shoots in one, but we only had access to the location for the day so we made hay…. For the analog minded the 35mm films were a combination of Agfa APX 400, Kodak Portra […]

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I get sick of photography. I get bored with it. I lose my inspiration. I go cold. Digital photography leaves me empty. I go on Ebay to get my inspiration back. I buy ten dollar 35mm film cameras and rolls of film and I shoot like it was mean’t to be. Raw and natural. A […]

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Newbie Series – Maisie

This is my shoot with @maisie.dixon for the “Newbie Series”‘. These are Maisie’s words; “I am someone with constant confusion over the person I am, who is generally too awkward to speak and someone who can’t seem to let go and live freely. I am someone who can be easily motivated and on top of […]

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Newbie Series – Cindy

This is my shoot with Cindy. She hasn’t done a shoot before and I know she procrastinated for a long time before doing it. I┬áthink the photographs speak for how well she did. Duncan Journey of self discovery 2016. Anxiety, fear, self doubt and potential criticism has played an astronomical part in the sheltered life […]

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