Whispers of green

Tully is departing our shores, so I wanted to blog another of our shoots before she left. Thanks for your efforts and patience and beautiful work Tully and hopefully you come back soon. Model: @tullyaldridgeofficial You can see some of Tully’s published work in Issue 47 of Volo Magazine  

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Blue Haze

I make no secret I like shooting weird, non conventional films. Kodak Vericolor Slide Film is exactly one of those films. It was never meant to be shot how I shot it and that’s the challenge. Originally designed to make slides from negatives its a C41 processed slide film, so it is unique in that […]

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The Panther’s final fight

This blog is slowly turning into a review of strange and unique films thinly disguised as photoshoots. It wasn’t really my intention, but since these films will never be reproduced i’m happy to show my results for those interested.  I’ll try to incorporate the rolls into a photoshoot somewhere. Usually I get several rolls of a […]

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Amber – 35mm Film

35mm Films;  Agfa APX 400 ( My favourite bw film) Agfa Vista 400 Kodak Tri X Cameras; Canon EOS 30/30V Fuji Klasse S I dropped the Klasse S out of my shorts while I was shooting and it popped the film door slightly in the case. Hence the fancy light leaks.

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