The Panther’s final fight

This blog is slowly turning into a review of strange and unique films thinly disguised as photoshoots. It wasn’t really my intention, but since these films will never be reproduced i’m happy to show my results for those interested.  I’ll try to incorporate the rolls into a photoshoot somewhere. Usually I get several rolls of a […]

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Newbie Series – Maisie

This is my shoot with @maisie.dixon for the “Newbie Series”‘. These are Maisie’s words; “I am someone with constant confusion over the person I am, who is generally too awkward to speak and someone who can’t seem to let go and live freely. I am someone who can be easily motivated and on top of […]

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Making my world spin

“I wont keep breaking my own heart, and neither will you.” Caitlin’s story; “Deep down I know better. which is why i wanna rip my heart right out of my chest sometimes. I keep giving love to people who have no idea how to love me back. while i’m still struggling to figure out how to love myself. […]

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Newbie Series – Cindy

This is my shoot with Cindy. She hasn’t done a shoot before and I know she procrastinated for a long time before doing it. I think the photographs speak for how well she did. Duncan Journey of self discovery 2016. Anxiety, fear, self doubt and potential criticism has played an astronomical part in the sheltered life […]

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The Longboarder

“Do you want a red – bull? I got you one just in case” – Dream girl right there! Holding my coffee – I considered the combination pleasantly. Coffee and red bull. Mmmm. Cally bounded out of the car, obviously well affected by red bull and coffee herself and gave me a giant hug. A […]

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